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*Bond cost based on 5 or less employees. Cost will increase per additional employee.

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Janitorial Services Bonds are considered low risk, which means these bonds can be issued instantly with no credit check or signed application required. Our applicants can get bonded quickly, easily and at the lowest price. Apply instantly online today!

What are Janitorial Services/Dishonesty Bonds?

A company who hires housekeepers, maid services, or residential cleaning services, may wish to have this bond in place to cover any acts of dishonesty or theft possibly made by that employee. With this bond in place, you not only will protect your business, but also your customers from losses that may incur as a result of theft committed by unethical employees.

A janitorial service bond can eliminate the risk of a business failing due to employee theft, because the business would be reimbursed for their loss. Once you have your janitorial service bond in hand, you can promote the fact that you are bonded to help potential customers feel more confident in your company and build a trustworthy business reputation.