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Merchant Services
The Bond Exchange & Insurance Agency BBB Business Review
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Pay the Lowest Rate for Your DMV Dealer Bond!

DMV Dealer Bond amounts and cost will vary from state to state. The cost is typically 1% of the bond amount based on excellent credit score. The term of the bond will also vary by state. We offer the lowest rates for DMV Dealer Bonds!

Fast Approval and Easy Processing!

Get your free, no obligation quote within 24 hours or less. Apply online now! The DMV Dealer Bond requires personal credit check for approval and pricing. Call (800) 764-7233 to get your bond today!

Bad Credit.. No Problem!

We understand that many of you are living with less than perfect credit, do not let bad credit stop you from getting the bond you need! Bond911 can approve 99% of all applicants despite low credit scores and other financial issues. Bond911 works with the nation's top bonding companies and we have exclusive underwriting programs for bad credit to provide approval of DMV Dealer Bond needs.

What are DMV Dealer Bonds?

All applicants for a dealer or remanufacturer license are required to procure and file a bond with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The bond is used to protect the consumers from fraud and wrongful acts committed by the dealership or their employees.