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Pay the Lowest Rate for Your Washington DMV Certificate of Title or Defective Title Bond!

If your bond amount is bond amount is $6,000 or less, the cost for the bond is $150 that covers 3 year term. Any bond amount over $6,000 is 1.5% of the bond amount. We offer the lowest rates for Washington DMV Defective Title Bond/Certificate of Title Bond.

Fast Approval and Instant Processing!

Instant issue up to $25,000 bond amount! No Credit Check! Washington DMV Certificate of Title or Defective Title Bonds are considered low risk, which means this bond can be issued instantly with no credit check required for bond approval.

Applicants must obtain a bond amount from the Washington Department of Motor Vehicle before having the bond issued. Call (800) 764-7233 to get your bond today!

What are Washington DMV Certificate of Title or Defective Title Bonds?

A certificate of title bond (also known as a lost title bond and defective title bond) is required if you do not have proper title and/or transfer of title has become lost, misplaced or was never provided.