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What are California Waste Tire Hauler Bonds?

Waste Tire Hauler Surety Bonds in California are put in place to ensure that principals (haulers) conduct business in accordance with all local and state laws at the location specified on the surety bond form. Prohibited actions under this bond include:

  • Transporting used or waste tires to unauthorized facilities
  • Advertising waste tire hauler business without being registered
  • Operating an unauthorized vehicle to transport tires

If the principal breaches any of the terms of the bond agreement and consumers are financially injured, the surety will compensate harmed consumers for any damages up to the full bond amount. The principal is required to reimburse the surety for all damages paid out.

California state law requires waste tire haulers to possess a valid waste tire hauler registration. Tire haulers can submit their registration applications to the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery for no cost. As part of the registration application, businesses need to provide a facility address, full business name, provide a business model, proof of surety bond, supply a vehicle description sheet and more. Detailed information on all licensing requirements can be found in the helpful links below.

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